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DRYAGER™ UX 500 Stainless Steel Residential Dry Aging Cabinet

DRYAGER™ UX 500 Stainless Steel Residential Dry Aging Cabinet

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The Dry Aging fridge UX 500 performs as beautifully as it looks –100 % Made in Germany.  For the production of Dry Aged beef, pork, game, fish, Charcuterie, vegetables, and jerky.


The compact DRYAGER™ UX 500 can hold up to 44 lbs. of product and is ideal for any residential home kitchen, pantry, dining area, wine cellar, man-cave or garage. It is a beautifully crafted piece that seamlessly integrates into and enhances any type of interior design. It can be a standalone piece or built in a wall or a cabinet. If you want to go big, you can create a line-up of multiple units for a stunning showcase.



DRYAGER™ is about you, your food philosophy and your personal craft. Sourcing the best fresh cuts of meat is the first step. Once you load your DRYAGER™ unit for the first time, prepare to witness the precise and fascinating meat-aging process right before your eyes, a next level experience for real meat aficionados and culinarians. When the meat reaches optimal ripeness according to your specifications and craft, the real fun begins!
Cook it to perfection to transform your carefully sourced fresh meat into the most exquisite and tender bite of Dry Aged goodness. With a rich and complex flavor profile, buttery texture and nutty aroma that arise on that first bite, your Dry Aged meal is sure to impress.


Dry Aging does no longer need to be a time-consuming, imprecise, and likely unsafe guessing game. With DRYAGER™ dry aging cabinet, product yield is also no longer an issue. In fact, the products’ percentage of weight loss from start to finish, is as low as it gets – in the single digits! State-of-the-art UXAirReg technology allows for a perfectly stable micro-climate even with fluctuations in ambient temperature. Climate stability is critical for Dry Aging perfection, consistency, and safety. Germs, bacteria, and mold don’t stand a chance. Every 60 seconds the air is re-circulated and pristinely sterilized. The antibacterial inner layer in the chamber does the rest. Dry Aging has never been so safe, seamless or worry-free.


Ideal and constant relative humidity is achieved with no need for cumbersome water connections or drains. Proprietary technology takes care of all of that, so that you can focus on the craftsmanship and the reward. It’s so simple – just plug and play.  MADE IN GERMANY!


DRYAGER™ UX 500 Dry Aging Cabinet

  • STERILIZED EVERY MINUTE - The active UVC-ventilated-disinfection system sterilizes all of the air in the fridge every minute. As a result, germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance.
  • HIGH PRECISION HUMIDITY CONTROL - Thanks to HumiControl the humidity can be regulated with high precision from 60 % to 90 % in 0.5 % steps without a water connection or water tank.
  • EASY HANDLING - The technology and handling of the DRYAGER™ cabinet is so sophisticated that you don‘t need to worry. Dry aging has never been so easy.
  • LOW LOSS DURING MATURING - The weight loss of beef due to Dry Aging on the bone is only approx. 7-8 % after 4 weeks and approx. 12 % after 6 weeks. These values are considerably lower than in most other maturing cabinets on the market.
  • MICRO TEMPERATURE CONTROL - The precise electronic control of the DRYAGER™ cabinet ensures that the temperature is constantly maintained, which can be regulated in exact 0.1 °C steps from 0 to +25 °C.
  • EYE CANDY - Timeless modern design on the outside - high-precision technology on the inside. The DRYAGER™ dry aging fridge is a real beauty.
  • MULTI USAGE - Dry Ages more than just meat. With the DRYAGER™ cabinet you are flexible. Ham, Salami, Charcuterie, Cheese, Fish and much more.
  • RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY: For commercial options, please contact customer service.
  • REFINEMENT - With Dry Aging in the DRYAGER™ fridge you achieve an incomparable taste of meat. For the best meat in the world.
  • SUPERIOR EFFICIENCY - Despite its very low power consumption, the DRYAGER™ is more powerful than any other.




User Manual 


Internal capacity / net
5.3 / 4.7 cu. ft. (151 / 133 liters)
Maximum load 44 lbs (20 kg)
Internal Dimensions HxWxD 28.03 x 19.29 x 17.20 in
External Dimensions HxWxD 35.63 x 23.62 x 24.02 in
Temperature range
0 °C to +25 °C (32 °F to 77 °F)
Humicontrol™ 60 % to 90 %
Connection rating 115 V / 2 A / 60 Hz
NEMA plug confi guration 5 - 15 P
Average energy consumption ~1.7 kWh / 24 h
UVC sterilization system Yes
Water and drain connection required No
Automatic defrost Yes
Automatic condensation evaporation Yes
External housing finish Powder-coated black metal
Door material
Stainless steel & metallic tinted glass (UV protect)
Door reversible Yes
Magnetic door seal, exchangeable Yes
Door handle Robust
Alarm Visual & acoustic
Installation Integration & free standing
Ambient temperature
10 °C to 35 °C (50 °F to 95 °F)
Refrigerant R600a
Empty weight 106 lbs
Shipping weight (on pallet) 185 lbs
Shipping dimensions HxWxD (on pallet) 60.00 x 42.00 x 42.00



Refrigerated full height single section dry aging cabinet for production of dry-aged meat, Charcuterie, fish as well as for producing and storing of cheese. Self-contained R600a refrigeration (115V - 2A) maintains perfect micro-climate with electronic temperature (32-77 °F) and humidity (60-90 %) control for minimal product loss without the requirement
for water connection or drain. Unique UX-Aireg UV sterilization system maintains internal air quality and flow without UV exposure of the product. Powder-coated black metal housing and stainless steel door frame. Antibacterial polystyrene interior with integral rack slides and stainless steel back cover. Cabinet designed for built-in or free-standing application for single section or multi-unit integration. One year parts and labor warranty – two years compressor warranty.

How It Works



Dry Aging


Good things come to those who wait — especially when it comes to meat. Dry Aging is one of the oldest preparation techniques known to man, requiring time, patience, and a careful attention to detail. It’s a process that can’t be rushed, but the rewards are more than worth it.  In Dry Aging, an entire carcass or wholesale cut is refrigerated for a set length of time, while the temperature, humidity, and air quality are precisely controlled. Here, the meat is able to age and breathe, and reach its highest possible grade.




The DRYAGER Dry Aging Fridge blends old-world methods with state-of-the-art technology to make Dry Aging easier, more affordable, and more consistent than ever before. And the DRYAGER refrigerators versatility means you’re no longer limited to just beef—ham, salami, charcuterie, fish, cheese, and more are now on the menu!
As soon as you place meat in the DRYAGER unit, a chemical process begins.

Enzymes start to break down the tissue structures and proteins are formed, a natural change that results in meat that is exceptionally tender. At the same time, the meat loses moisture and the outer layers dry out, forming a protective coating and intensifying the flavor. Properly dry-aged meat may look dry and dark on the outside, but it hides a treasure within.





The DRYAGER cabinet features several patented innovations that will take your meat from good to great:


  • PRECISION ELECTRONICS - Ensures accurate control over temperature from 32–77 ℉, regulated in 0.1 increments, for perfect results every time.
  • NO WATER SUPPLY NEEDED - The unique HumiControl™ system maintains constant humidity—without the need for an external water supply or drain.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL INNER LINING - The interior surface of the DRYAGER cabinet features a special coating which discourages microorganism growth.
  • OPTIMAL AIR QUALITY - DXAirReg® eliminates germs and bacteria using continuous air diffusion and UVC sterilization.





The following diagram shows which changes occur in meat (in this example beef) at different maturation times.
Both the intensity of the taste and the tenderness are strongly dependent on the time.




The black curve describes the change in tenderness during the maturing process. This is expressed in the so-called shear force. The lower it is the more tender the meat.


The red curve describes the change in flavor intensity during the maturing process. The higher, the more intense the taste.




No, the strong glazing will not fog up when the door is closed. Only when the door is open for more than half a minute, the glass will briefly mist, but it will clear seconds later.

Of course, this is absolutely necessary for a professional dry aging – the values are electronically adjustable in small steps Humidity (60 to 90 %) Temperature (32 °F to 77 °F – 0 °C to +25 °C)

Due to sophisticated technology and a special combination of components, the DRYAGER™ meat aging fridges do not need a water connection. In detail: Only the DRYAGER™ dry aging refrigerator does work 100 % without external water supply or humidifier / water box. You will have no problems with lime in humidifier or bacteria getting sprayed into the atmosphere through humidifiers. Clean & save – that’s it.

Salt has a sterilizing effect. Also, once the salt is slightly wet it can pass into the air and can affect the flavor of the meat. It also positively influences stability to the set air humidity inside the unit – very important: A DRYAGER™ dry aging refrigerator does not require any salt for a good result, for us, the salt is more a visual highlight.

It is not just plastic, it is a special mixture of antibacterial silver-ion coating combined with an extra strong plastic. The advantages: Round corners and no edges, so it is very easy and quick to clean with the special DRYAGER™ cleaner. Through the new antibacterial coating inside bacteria will be destroyed within seconds, this is unique in the DRYAGER™ cabinet and worldwide in no other dry aging fridge available. The inner plastic body has been protected for meat maturing cabinets and registered as an utility model.

No, the appliance defrosts automatically and the water evaporates into a receptacle on the compressor in the back of the device = no drain-water system required at all.

UX 500™ / UX 750™ PRO – US Version

  • Cooling Gas = Isobutane: R 600 a (33 gram)
  • Connected Wattage: 115 V / 60 Hz / 2 A

UX 1000™ / UX 1500™ PRO – US version

  • Cooling Gas = Isobutane: R 600 a (45 gram)
  • Connected Wattage: 115 V / 60 Hz / 2 A

Yes, every unit has in front two feet and in back 2 rolls, for an easier transportation. Each foot is adjustable in height of about 0.78 inch.


Beef, pork, lamb and game – basically any red meat

In addition to genes, breed and slaughtery, the food of each animal does influence tremendously the meat quality. For this reason, we recommend to use meat from animals, which were mostly on the pasture, had a lot of exercise and were fed with silage and corn not too much.

Whenever in contact with meat you should wear protective gloves and take meticulous care that your meat supplier complies with all hygiene guidelines. In addition, the cold chain must not be interrupted and the meat has to be fresh (put it not later than 5 days after slaughter in the DRYAGER™ dry aging meat fridge).

Dry Aging is a natural oxidation and enzymatic process of meat and speeding this up by increasing temperature or extremely high airflow, does not help at all and will lead to a much worse quality level or we explain it as “non dry aging”.

Wet-aged meat from a vacuum bag is influenced by lactic acid bacteria and mostly sour with a metallic taste. Dry-aged meat or dry-aged beef ages slowly and develops a very special flavour profile: nutty intense with a mix of old socks and cheese – those who’ve tried it once won’t want to eat any other meat.

The best solution: Directly from the slaughter-house or a trusted butcher shop. It must be fresh and maximum 5 days old after slaughtery. This meat will develop the maximum flavor-profile. We recommend here especially meat from a young cow (female, who has not yet calved). The whole sirloin should have an ordinary fat cover plus good marbling. What is great as well: An old cow (between 12 and 15 years) that has already calved at least 10 times – perfect for aging as well, you will be thrilled. Aging-time here 4-6 weeks for a great result.

Still a good solution: Take wet aged meat out of the vacuum-bag and dry age it for maximum 2-3 weeks in the DRYAGER™ dry aging steak fridge. The result is good, but you will have a lot more weight loss, because of mostly missing bones and fat cover. Additionally, when this meat is too sour (was too long in vacuum) the PH is very low = the risk getting mold is very big.

The bigger the pieces you dry age, the less you cut away after the aging process. The dry aging of smaller meat cuts (3-4 rib pieces) is possible, ideally rub it with some beef tallow, especially on areas that have no protective fat layer – this prevents too much weight loss.

This is unique in the DRYAGER™ meat aging fridge: You can hang different loins with different dry aging levels in the dry aging fridge. The AIRREG® UVC sterilisation (patented system) ensures that germs are not transmitted through the air, if one of the loins should be infected. You are additionally able to dry age different types of meat together, as long as they do not touch each other: Beef, pork, lamp, game etc…

The DRYAGER™ Dry Aging Fridge naturally can be used for ham and sausages, the respective values for humidity (60 to 90 %) and temperature (32 °F to 77 °F – 0 °C to +25 °C) can be adjusted electronically. Also the device can be used as a cheese production and storing cabinet. In case you have questions regarding the right settings for your product, just look into your Starter-Package you will receive with your unit – you will love it!

Yes, no problem, the DRYAGER™ dry aging meat fridge regulates itself automatically immediately and returns to the previous values a few minutes later.

The salt only changes the taste if it liquifies and passes into the air. It has been checked in a laboratory test whether in fact it changed the meat flavor. It proved positive and supports compliance with the humidity inside the unit and also is eye-catching to the customers. In addition, the salt has a sterilizing effect.

You can store the meet after dry aging up to 1 week without any problem. After that time, it should be vacuum packed. Now you can store it in an refrigerator for one more week. Alternatively you can directly put in in the freezer. In case you use a good quality vacuum packer, the meat will still be as good after 3 years as it was on the day you froze it.

We recommend rubbing with beef tallow, this protects the very thin pieces.

Poor here refers to the quality, not to hygiene! The tenderness will be certainly positively influenced. Unfortunately, it has no effect on the taste, because the output quality is decisive for the result of maturity. Let us bring that topic to the point: Poor Quality in – Poor Quality out!

Up to 3 years in the freezer, if it is vacuum packed.

The salt dissolves slowly through moisture. However, the dry aging fridge must be used for quite a long time (over 3 years) until you need to replace the salt blocks.


The device is ready for use (plug & play): unboxing & dry aging

Call +1-844-7DR-YAGE or send an e-mail to

You can directly contact the DRYAGER™ service team in the USA.

Call +1-844-7DR-YAGE or send an e-mail to

24-hour emergency hotline: 408.348.7607 or +1-844-7DR-YAGE and throughout USA and Canada we offer over hundreds of service stations. Also, any certified refrigeration technician in your area would be able to check/repair the unit with our service manual in front of them.

We are 100 % convinced about our product and it will work properly for many years – best quality from Germany!


  • HOME SERIES: 2 years
  • PRO SERIES: 5 years

Parts and labor:

  • HOME SERIES: 1 year
  • PRO SERIES: 2 years

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What Should You Look For?

Proper Dimensions

Nothing is more important than knowing the exact measurement of the space in which you will be placing your new appliance.  Once you have these measurement, you will need to consider the following things:

  • Build-in units - Designed to slide snugly in between kitchen cabinets.  These types of units need to have the exhaust vent in the front of the appliance where the air can escape easily. 
  • Freestanding units - Designed to stand alone under the countertop. Compressor coils are on the back of the unit. Rear coils must maintain adequate air flow, so you'll need to keep several inches of free space behind and around the sides.  Refer to the Owner’s Manual for specific requirements of the appliance you are interested in. You may also want to know if the unit has adjustable feet.  This may come in handy if you want to raise the unit.
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Where Are You Going To Put It?


To choose the right appliance, you must find one that meets the needs of that space.  Outdoor kitchen. Basement wine cellar. Indoor kitchen. Residential or commercial establishment. Institutional establishment.  Be sure to look for your specific location requirements when you’re reading through the features of an appliance.

What Features Are Important To You?

Here’s a list of features that may be important to you:

General Features - 

  • Installation - (built-in, free standing, outdoor, commercial)
  • Appearance (stainless steel, panel-ready, black, white, etc.)
  • Type of shelves - (metal, wood, flat, grated)
  • Number of shelves
  • Removable shelves 
  • Reversible door
  • Type of door - (glass-front, solid-front, panel-ready-front, drawer-style)
  • Digital display
  • Security lock & key
  • LED lighting
  • Energy efficient
  • Noise level (dB)
  • Location of exhaust venting
  • Warranty

Then look at the appliance specific features:

Wine Cooler - 

  • The number of temperature zones (single zone, dual zone, etc.)
  • Temperature range - not all wines store at the same temperature
  • Appliance’s ability to store wine long term
  • Bottle capacity
  • Bottle size requirements
  • UV filtered glass door
  • Compressor cooling

 Kegerators - 

  • Number and style of kegs
  • Number of faucets
  • Essential components
  • Conversion kits
  • Cleaning kits and requirements 

Refrigerators & Refrigerator-Freezer Combination - 

  • Capacity
  • Use - (food & beverage, beverage only, produce only)
  • Temperature range - Beverage refrigerators are typically colder than a standard fridge
  • Ice cube maker - (with or without drain)
  • Interior lighting

What Storage Capacity Do You Need?

What do you like to drink?  Are you going to store food?

There are several different fridge sizes on the market, each one with its own storage capacity.  What do you like to drink?  Soda from a can?  Craft beer from a bottle?  What does your family like to drink? Do you collect or store wine? How large is your collection? Do you want to add to it over time? In short, consider your current collection and anticipate your needs for the future—from there, you will figure out the right fit.