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Wine Refrigerators: Does Temperature Really Matter?

Have you always kept your wine in the fridge?  What's the big deal?


If you enjoy the complex flavors of a full-bodied red wine or the lighter, crisper characteristics of a light-bodied dry white wine, then you should consider how temperature affects the life and flavor of your favorite wines.

Wine Refrigerators:  Does Temperature Really Matter? - Arctic Seal Wine Coolers

Where do you store your wine?  White wine in the fridge…?  Red wine on the counter…?

Temperature greatly influences the flavor, aroma and body of whatever type of wine you enjoy. 

White wine served too cold will taste tart and obscure the fruit structure. Conversely, white wine that is too warm will likely taste bitter and unpleasant in the mouth.  White wines should be chilled between 45 - 55 °F.

A regular refrigerator is set between 35 – 38°F making it too cold for white wine’s optimal temperature.

Red wine that is served too warm will cause the aroma to oxide faster and lose its structure.  It feels foamy and soupy in the mouth.  Red wine should be stored between 62 - 68°F.  “Room temperature” for most people generally ranges between 68 - 72°F.  Most homes don’t maintain a consistent room temperature, so keeping reds at a stable temperature is very unlikely. 

Once a wine is exposed to temperature abuse, the damage can’t be undone.  It will not recover.  The characteristics of your lovely, delicate wine will be lost forever.

So, the answer to my original question, does temperature really matter? 

You bet it does!


The solution...  Invest in a wine cooler if the flavors and subtleties are important to your enjoyment of drinking wine.  You will never have to worry if your wine is the right temperature.  You can serve directly from your cooler because you set the temperature to the type of wine you are storing and serving.  Reds, whites, and even champagne. You get the perfect temperature every time.

There are many different size, styles and types of wine coolers, refrigerators and cellars to choose from. Don’t wait to enjoy the best tasting wine you’ve ever served.

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