Shallow Depth Solutions


18" Deep Beverage Refrigerators, All-Refrigerators, Drawer Refrigerators & Wine Coolers.

  • Panel-Ready Undercounter Wine And Beverage Refrigerator - Arctic Seal Wine Coolers

    Panel-Ready Choices

    Customize Your Kitchen with built-in undercounter panel-ready appliances that allows you to use your own cabinet panels to blend in with the rest of your cabinetry. Choose from refrigerators, wine coolers, ice maker and freezers. Standard appliances or single drawer & two drawer refrigeration choices.

  • ADA Complaint Undercounter Beverage Refrigerator - Arctic Seal Wine Coolers

    ADA Compliant

    The industry's largest collection of 32" high ADA compliant appliances to fit under lower counters. Designed to meet ADA guidelines in public accommodations, commercial establishments, and assisted living facilities, these units are available for built-in and freestanding installation.

  • Outdoor Collection Undercounter Refrigerator - Arctic Seal Wine Coolers

    Outdoor Collection

    Transform Your Backyard! Outdoor appliances require quality construction built to hold up to the hearty demands of nature. That’s why our outdoor refrigeration is specially
    designed and tested to strict UL standards, with 304 grade stainless steel and fully-sealed exteriors that offer full protection from the elements.

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  • 18" Shallow Depth

    Limited space doesn’t have to limit your appliance options. Our 18" shallow depth series of built-in refrigerators brings full functionality to kitchen islands, wet bars, and other settings with space limitations.

  • Absolute Coldest

    Enjoy ice cold beer in style with Cold Cavern series of beer frosters. Pre-set to 24°F ideal temperature for storing aluminum bottles and cans of ice cold beer offering a deliciously crisp drinking experience.

  • Color Choices

    Make a statement under the counter with the exclusive collection of boldly-colored refrigerators and matching freezers. Colored door choices come in gold, emerald, lavendar & cobalt blue.

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Wine Coolers


All Sizes. Tons of Styles & Features. Store Just 6 Bottles Or Up To 500+ Bottles

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Wine & Beverage Coolers


In addition to combination wine & beverage centers, many of our beverage refrigerators and wine coolers can be combined for a perfectly-matched set. 

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  • Small Spaces

    View our extensive line of refrigeration and cooking products that maximize small kitchen efficiency without taking up space. From full-size refrigerators, stack-able refrigerator-freezer sets, refrigerator-microwave combos, and kitchenettes, we offer more possibilities for apartments, mother-in-law suites and other small homes.  

  • Large Wine Collection

    If you are looking to buy a large wine refrigerator, then you already understand the importance of protecting your collection from the enemies of wine: Temperature, humidity, light, movement and UV exposure. All of our large wine refrigerators protect against all of these, plus have some great features that you will love.

  • Breast Milk Storage

    MOMCUBE® breast milk refrigerators are purpose-built to meet CDC guidelines for proper breast milk storage. 1 to 15 cu.ft. refrigerators in a variety of sizes and interiors provide short-term storage, while freezers in compact, undercounter & ADA compliant heights provide long-term storage as needed.

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Next–level functionality and design - THE BEST MEAT EXPERIENCE!

The Dry Aging fridge UX 1000 performs as beautifully as it looks –100 % Made in Germany.  Perfect for the production of dry-aged beef, pork, game, fish, Charcuterie, vegetables, and jerky.

DRYAGER™ is about you, your food philosophy and your personal craft.


Cold Brew Coffee Dispensers

Specialty Dispensers

We offer a variety of kegerators to dispense cold brew or nitro-infused coffee, wine, and kombucha. Dispensers for commercial and residential settings as well as ones for outdoor use.

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how to choose a new appliance

What Should You Look For?

Proper Dimensions

Nothing is more important than knowing the exact measurement of the space in which you will be placing your new appliance.  Once you have these measurement, you will need to consider the following things:

  • Build-in units - Designed to slide snugly in between kitchen cabinets.  These types of units need to have the exhaust vent in the front of the appliance where the air can escape easily. 
  • Freestanding units - Designed to stand alone under the countertop. Compressor coils are on the back of the unit. Rear coils must maintain adequate air flow, so you'll need to keep several inches of free space behind and around the sides.  Refer to the Owner’s Manual for specific requirements of the appliance you are interested in. You may also want to know if the unit has adjustable feet.  This may come in handy if you want to raise the unit.
  • ADA Compliant units - Designed to meet ADA height and government guidelines in public accommodations, commercial establishments, and assisted living facilities. These models are available for built-in and freestanding installation.  The units are typically 4” to 6” shorter than a standard 36” kitchen countertop.
  • Door Clearance - The measurement that is required for the right or the left door with or without handles to be from adjacent cabinet walls so they can be opened 90°. Refer to the Owner’s Manual Installation Guide.

Where Are You Going To Put It?


To choose the right appliance, you must find one that meets the needs of that space.  Outdoor kitchen. Basement wine cellar. Indoor kitchen. Residential or commercial establishment. Institutional establishment.  Be sure to look for your specific location requirements when you’re reading through the features of an appliance.

What Features Are Important To You?

Here’s a list of features that may be important to you:

General Features - 

  • Installation - (built-in, free standing, outdoor, commercial)
  • Appearance (stainless steel, panel-ready, black, white, etc.)
  • Type of shelves - (metal, wood, flat, grated)
  • Number of shelves
  • Removable shelves 
  • Reversible door
  • Type of door - (glass-front, solid-front, panel-ready-front, drawer-style)
  • Digital display
  • Security lock & key
  • LED lighting
  • Energy efficient
  • Noise level (dB)
  • Location of exhaust venting
  • Warranty

Then look at the appliance specific features:

Wine Cooler - 

  • The number of temperature zones (single zone, dual zone, etc.)
  • Temperature range - not all wines store at the same temperature
  • Appliance’s ability to store wine long term
  • Bottle capacity
  • Bottle size requirements
  • UV filtered glass door
  • Compressor cooling

 Kegerators - 

  • Number and style of kegs
  • Number of faucets
  • Essential components
  • Conversion kits
  • Cleaning kits and requirements 

Refrigerators & Refrigerator-Freezer Combination - 

  • Capacity
  • Use - (food & beverage, beverage only, produce only)
  • Temperature range - Beverage refrigerators are typically colder than a standard fridge
  • Ice cube maker - (with or without drain)
  • Interior lighting

How Much Storage Capacity Do You Need?

What do you like to drink?  Are you going to store food?

There are several different fridge sizes on the market, each one with its own storage capacity.  What do you like to drink?  Soda from a can?  Craft beer from a bottle?  What does your family like to drink? Do you collect or store wine? How large is your collection? Do you want to add to it over time? In short, consider your current collection and anticipate your needs for the future—from there, you will figure out the right fit.